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Yeah, I know I said I’d write every once in a while. And I didn’t. I’m sorry. I’ll try to start remembering.

Anyway, here’s an update:
I’ve started a book (again) and I’m considering the title “The Color Different.” The main character is a runaway trying to escape bullying from everyone she knows, other than her parents. She’s bullied because of her hair: it’s naturally teal. She ends up running away and accidentally ends up in a city called Away where everyone has different-colored hair. This city is where she builds her life away. Some weird things start happening, though, and there are disappearances. The main character and her friend end up caught in everything, and the main character does everything she can to find the cause. I won’t give away what happens later, but I will say that it’s not long before she does. It’s not a mystery novel, it’s YA fantasy.

But does anyone have ideas for a title, or is mine good from what you can tell? Because choosing titles is not my forte.


May 1

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Haha, it’s not April anymore, which means that it’s not National Poem Writing Month anymore. Which means that I technically don’t have to write a poem today. I’m debating whether I should or not. There are so many other things I could post, though, at the same time, so every once in a while, you might get a piece of a story I’m writing.

Also, I don’t think I’ll be posting every day anymore, probably just a couple times a week. Just to let you know.

April 30: Here I Go Again

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I can’t believe this is happening
You’re so hurt
By something out of your control
That you do what you can
To make it end
But please don’t cross the line
From which there can be
No return
Because I won’t cross it until
It’s time
And I don’t know what I’ll do without you
You’re my best friend
I can’t lose you
So once more
I do what I can to save you
Here I go again 

April 29: Still There

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Now I know
What’s on your mind
Why was I so nervous?
I should have known you were still here
You would never leave me
And you never left me
So where does that leave me?
I let you go
For a time
To know you never let go
Makes me feel unbelievably guilty
Yet also encouraged
Even after all the crap I put you through
You never left me
And I don’t think you ever will
Where will we be in the future?
How long can we stay together
If we manage to be together again?
I just don’t know
So let’s see how this goes
Can we make it? 

April 28: Terrified

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I get your response soon
And I must tell you
I’m terrified
Because I don’t know your answer yet
And I’m afraid to know
You’re one of my best friends
Did I just break our friendship?
That’s why I’m so terrified
I can’t lose you
And I might have now
Or if I haven’t yet
I might soon
I can’t let you go
Not voluntarily
But I’m going to be forced to
I guess that’s why I didn’t wait much longer
To tell you what was going on
In my head
Because here’s the thing:
I really do care about you
I really do need you with me
I really do want nothing more
Than to be with you 

April 27: Ramblings

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Should I have stayed silent
About my love for you?
Should I have kept it within me?
I feel you have the right to know, though
You are one of my best friends
The only boy I can really count on
To always be here for me
To always care about me
Here’s the thing:
I’m terrified
Of what I just did
I’m not sure what your response will be
And I’m almost afraid I inspired your boldness
You’re usually pretty quiet
And I’m not used to you being so out there
Sometimes you are
And I don’t mind
But not this time
Maybe I should think about what I’ve done
Because even though
There’s no taking it back
And I meant what I said
I can avoid what may end up as
Future mistakes
But was it a mistake?
I still don’t know your reaction
I guess I’ll just have to wait
And find out
Because who knows?
This might be the best thing
That ever happened
But I don’t know yet
And the waiting just might kill me
But I’ll wait
Because I can’t go on
Without you
My friend 

April 26: Friend

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When you were gone
I cried
For then I knew
You’d lied

You were my friend
You said
Then you ditched me
Heart dead

I have moved on
Since then
And you still are
My friend

We’ve disagreed
I know
Somehow we’re still
Here, though

I am so glad
Must say:
Stay with me one
More day 

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